Friday, 14 October 2016

Life puzzle

Your partner always leaves the house on Saturdays to barb his hair. When you object and tell him that he has no hair on his head,he tells you he forgot to shave his non-existent beards the last time he was there,so the barber's shop he must go.

As the smart lady you are,you decide to go to the barber's with him ,after all you may consider going on lowcut. He says no and you say yes. At last,off you guys go.

You enter the barbing salon and the thing that first caught your attention was the number of guys there. You look around and sees the barber.


What would you say to your man? No wonder or let's go home.


  1. No wonder you barb every week.

  2. We discuss football in barbing saloons too

  3. Hahahahaha

  4. Honey, I never told you. But I prefer my man with hair and full beards. Let's go home. You won't be needing a barber anymore.