Sunday, 16 October 2016

My husband does not allow me to cook.....Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele- Bello has revealed that her new husband, JJC Skillz does not allow her to cook. She says their cook leaves on Saturday mornings to go and see his family, and when she makes the move to cook, her caring husband always stops her and encourages them to eat out. She works on Sundays before now, but that has also stopped because he has advised her to use that day to rest.

In her words;
Before I met my husband, I used to work on  Sundays, but he always says that I need to rest. Our chef leaves on Saturday  mornings  to see his family, so whenever  I want to cook, my husband tells me not to do so and we eat out.  We  do that very often. Now, I enjoy my life and  I rest.’’