Monday, 3 October 2016

Nine things you need to remove from your bedroom NOW.

1.Pillows that don't bounce back.
The ultimate test to find out if you should replace your pillow? Fold it in half and if it doesn't spring back into shape it's probably past it's prime. If that's the case, toss yours and buy a new one — trust us, it'll help you sleep better.

2.Books you've already read.

I know i am guilty of this because i believe that giving out a Sandra Brown book is akin to sacriledge. Lol. But truth be told,old books have a distinctive smell. They smell like,well,old books. So let us toss them. Now

3.Clothes you never wear.

80% of ladies hoard clothes. Undersize,oversize,out of fashion and even clothes we hate can still be found in our closets. Why? We hope to wear them SOON. Soon defines years though

4.Your old makeup.

Scientists from the London Metropolitan University tested products that were past their prime and found traces of harmful bacteria in four out of five — which is just another reason to make sure you toss yours once they expire.
Yeah,that favourite red lipstick just have to go please.

5.Your old technology.

 Like your cell phone from 10 years ago, your outdated laptop, an alarm clock that doesn't work —you name it. If you're not currently using it, all it's doing is adding clutter to your bedroom (which you know is not good for your stress).

6.Your over-flowing laundry basket.
There's nothing like seeing this container packed to the brim to remind you of all the housework on your plate and add even more stress to your life. That's why you might want to keep this basket in your laundry room (or walk-in closet, if you're so blessed) instead.
Again,an overflowing makes a room look very untidy.

7.Stacks of unread magazines.

Fashion magazines,church bulletins etc,all have got to go. They make your room stink and above all,they are safe haven for roaches.

8.Your cell phone.

Let us count the reasons these should be banned from the bedroom: First off, it's dirtier than a toilet seat. But reading on this device also makes it harder to fall asleep at night, leads to less-rested sleep and it exposes you to radiation.

9.Overflowing shoe rack

 Shoes are divine,i know but what on earth are you doing with shoes that you have not worn in the last five years?. Give them out. Some people even buy the same shoes in three different colours and just wear one of them.
Give them out or if you want to make extra bucks,sell them. Unclutter your living space please.


  1. I will never give my clothes out to people around me

  2. I don't even have enough not to talk of throwing away

  3. Hahahahahah...
    My mom never throw her things away...
    Go to her bedroom and see cloths she wore during her kilomitty days...