Tuesday, 4 October 2016

These simple fashion tricks will help you.

1.Deodorant marks

Some of our deodorants do leave marks on our clothings. Get rid of those marks with baby wipes.
Voila!!. It is gone.

2. How to beautify denim patches

Put any fabric of your choice underneath the patch and sew as in Picture 1 or simply wear a net leggings underneath.

3.How to hold your zip up
Zip malfunction is one of the greatest fashion disaster in history,second to frapping(act of one's outfit sitting comfortably inside her crack when she stands up).
So,follow the pictorial instruction and you will move about comfortably,not looking down every second to check if your junk is hanging out for all to see.

4. How to wear a belt on outfits that have no belt loops:
Simple as the picture depicts. Right?.

5.How to fold your underwear

I did not know about this style o. Now i know

pic credit....omgvoice


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  2. Really nice.. Informative..

  3. On nice. I have a black top that has deodorant marks on the armpit

  4. How can one make an unironed shirt look ironed?

    1. I read somewhere that you hang the shirt in a misty place. Some folks hang under the early morning mist

    2. Fold the unironed shirt neatly..place under ur pillow or mattress for hourssssss until u ready to weareet.. #abi naw#

  5. Thanks for sharing