Sunday, 23 October 2016

What do you really go to church to do?

Today is Sunday and the day set aside by Christians to go worship God. We are supposed to go to your various places of worship,pray,sing,dance and generally be merry.
BUT,are these the only reasons we go to church?. NO.

There are many other non-religious reasons people go to churches. They are to show off their new outfits or even automobiles.Ladies are guilty of the first one. Some of them will not come to church if they do not have a new outfit to wear. Repeating an outfit they have worn,maybe less than five months before then is a taboo.
So,showing off their outfits come first before God.

Women come to church to show off their latest wonder on wheels. Men too. Infact,some Churches' car parks look like exotic car marts.
My word to you this morning.Forget vain things. Enter the Lord's presence with Praise. That's all that matters.

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  1. A church is also a place for networking. Quote me