Saturday, 26 November 2016

Africa Magic Igbo and it's many new faces.

Sometime ago,DSTV introduced Africa Magic Igbo to it's list of channels. Many were happy.
GOTv is another arm of DSTV and it had no Igbo Language channel. I know i am among those that bombarded GOTv's page on Facebook,asking for the introduction of an Igbo Language channel. They did.

AMYoruba was my best local/indigenous movie station before AMIgbo came on board. I do not understand the language but any movie that has Odunlade and Toyin Aimaku is a must watch for me. Even till now. I digress.
Africa Magic is good for you if you love the language or if you live in a town that Igbo is not generally spoken.

The day i was scrolling through the stations and saw AMIgbo on GOTv,i screamed with joy. You know why?. I fought for this cause and it came to pass. Halleluyah.

The lady in the first picture and also in white top is not Nuella Njubigbo but a look alike who i have watched in two movies on AMIgbo.

To be continued.


  1. I'll check it out

  2. Africa Magic Igbo. Many Igbo don't watch because the subscription fee is high unlike other indigenous stations.
    Ebe óna akpótú.

    I love the films, no time to watch as I would have loved to.

    Xhlrted P

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