Sunday, 6 November 2016

I can kill for love.....Nurse Titi

Nkechi Emmanuel,popularly known as Nurse Titi(Clinic Matters), has revealed that she is a jealous lover and can kill for love. The actress who has starred in many blockbuster movies in a chat with Saturday Vanguard revealed she can do anything for love.
Speaking further, the actress revealed that she will soon be getting married, although she gave no definite date.
  The actress revealed: 
"I can kill for love. Love is a good thing and when I find it, I am a very jealous lover. If anyone blocks my path, I can kill that person." she said.
Asked what she thinks about how much actors are paid in Nigeria, she added: "We are not well catered for. I have been opportune to do one or two short movies in Hollywood. M and one other guy were the only Nigerians in the film. Over there, we were pampered; I must confess. If you complain of headache, you will be allowed to the green room. But here in Nigeria, even if you are dying, you must go on because you have been given a certain amount of money."


  1. And she and Nurse Abigail gladly turn the office environment abhorrent all year long. Hahaha

    I love you Nurse Titi.
    God will bless your hustle

  2. What a careless speech. Killing for love?