Saturday, 5 November 2016

Ladies,Davido is rich.

This is unfair. How can someone be earning all that mula in a week?.
Come to think of it,my voice and that of Davido sound the same.

Back to the main gist,David Adeleke,aka Davido earns "100k" a week. That is a whooping 400and something thou. Hard ballin'.

Who too much acada 'epp


  1. Omo baba Olowo

  2. He is a good guy,so I heard

  3. He is a good guy,so I heard

  4. Your voice and his?
    Irene has crocodile voice? Hahaha.

    Love me some Lagos rich kids mehhhn.
    Some coys paid staff salary in dollars, as at Jan 2015 it was $3,752 multiplied by N180 = N675, 360. Now at N500 per dollar they earning N1,876,000. Junior staff o. They don enter 7 digit salary.

    Sai Buhari.
    Some Lagosians are balling hard and yes Acada still dey EPP.