Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My heart is heavy

I cannot remember precisely the year I met this man but I believe I have known him for more than six years. He has such a wonderful singing voice because he sang for his church choir.

How we met? I went to my Mechanic's workshop to change the oil(after the mechanic threatened that if the bad oil spoilt my car engine,he will not work on it because the time for an oil change has passed taytay). As I was going home from the workshop,i saw a car neatly and beautifully sprayed in a workshop and I went in and asked to see who did that beautiful job. That was how Oga Dan and I met.

We exchanged numbers and not long after,i took my car for him to work on. It was not a full paint work though but it came out very beautiful.

Sometime ago,my present ride got dented and the opportunity to do a full paintwork has come but the biting recession and my town's weather put paid to it. Then last week,i called him and his phone was switched off. I called everyday with no response. The last time we talked he told me his phone was faulty so I told myself his phone may still be bad.

I tried again yesterday night and got his line. I did not even say hello,i just said," Oga Dan,why you off phone since na,after you go say person no dey ask after you. I get work for you o". A cool voice said,It is not Oga Dan. It is the wife.
Me: Madam,good evening. How family? I wan talk to Oga abeg. E dey around?
Madam Dan: sister,he is late o
Me: How? What? What are you saying? But his phone is on. How? (I was just talking up and down).
Madam Dan: He was buried last month. Dan sick well well. De lungs dey affected becos of the paint wey dey enter the nose everytime wey I'm dey work. Haa,my oga suffer o.*crying
Me: Jesus Jesus. But the last time wey we see he said he had cough but em don stop. Since then I no see am again. 

From her words,Oga Dan was very ill but still managing to go to his office in order to make ends meet. He stopped because he was getting too ill,then he died. I could not sleep well at night because my heart was heavy. I kept remembering how he sang beautiful hymns and also how he had a kind word of encouragement for everyone. He always believed that in God's time,things will be well.

Good night,Oga Dan. I know you are with the Angels now singing your favourite Hymn,Amazing Grace.