Tuesday, 8 November 2016

OMG.Today is Afikpo Chic Bashing/Firing Day on Facebook

  Days ago,Maria Ude Nwachi,popularly known as Afikpo Chic,an Ebonyi State House of assembly Legislator dived into the Linda Ikeji interview, analysing,giving advice and by extension condemning Linda's view on her kind of man. 

Today,the Honourable is in the line of fire. She is being dragged,bashed and pummelled on Facebook. People even dug up the report of her 2001 arrest in the USA.

Please read on. The write up is from the New York Times.

Woman Admits Guilt in Internet Prostitution Case

    An Upper East Side woman who was accused of running a $4,000-an-hour prostitution service that promoted itself on the Internet pleaded guilty yesterday to attempted money laundering in a deal that allows her to be released from jail immediately.
    Although she pleaded guilty only to a money-laundering charge, the woman, Maria Uzo Egwu, 30, said that her escort service, Glamour Roses, had been a prostitution business.

    Justice Carol Berkman of State Supreme Court in Manhattan sentenced Ms. Egwu, who had no prior arrests, to time served, which was just under five months. Ms. Egwu, who was indicted on charges of promoting prostitution and money laundering, would have faced up to 15 years in prison if she had been convicted at trial.
    Ms. Egwu had been jailed in $250,000 bail since her arrest in February. The judge refused to lower her bail after prosecutors said she was a Nigerian citizen who had hidden assets in her home country.

    When Ms. Egwu was arrested, the police seized $212,000 in cash from her apartment on Third Avenue at East 84th Street, $417,000 from bank and investment accounts and a $68,000 Cadillac limousine with the license plate ''Decadent.'   



    1. This is serious for her political career. So she was a prostitute and they will be singing self help.

    2. I watched this lady's video on Youtube. She was a prostitute in New york

    3. But she is kind to people

    4. She WAS a prostitute and a Pimp. Now she is a big politician in her area. Girls,eat your hearts out