Sunday, 27 November 2016

Rep your church

I am not a Catholic by birth but the love I have for the Church is phenomenal. I was born into the Anglican Communion and I totally love that body of Christ too. 

One thing I love about the Catholic Church is it's spirit of giving. They help themselves and also there is a Society in Church for that. It is called St Anthony of Padua Group. They help indigent members of the Church pay their rents,chilrens' school fees, in feeding and generally in every sphere of life. People send relief materials and cash to them and they just disburse them to the needy. They also help non-members of the Church. 

So,rep your church. Mention the name and tell us one or two reasons why you love the Church so. 


  1. Repping The Anglican Cathedral, Ikeja, Lagos West Diocese.

    They teach traditional and church values to the members. The kids are made to understand that Family is everything and The Love of God takes you to the END OF LIFE.
    The networking within members is top notch because 'someone always knows somebody'. Problem solvers abound.

    At home for now till the Twinnies qualify to attend church. Watching Live transmission while they snuggle up to each other and coo. God is able!

    ***IRENE you will get the address when you enter Lagos, you want to put us for gbege abi?****

    Xhlrted P

  2. Let me rep mine. My church is Blessed Tansi Catholic Church,Shell PLA,Port Harcourt.

  3. Repping Overcomers' church,Lekki.. Small church but filled with so much love humor n truth, n dem no dey waste time.. #churchloading nextweeksunday#

  4. Repping any church i am invited to. Yesterday was St Luke's Anglican Church.

  5. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church and then some other Pentecostal churches for mid week services

  6. C & S when I am in my parents' house. RCCG of any town I am in.