Sunday, 27 November 2016

Some pentecostal churches now have apps through which you can pay your tithes without coming to church to do so.

According to Daddy Freeze....

I weep for Nigerians and their many woes,
Their mind is an enemy, greater than all their other foes. ~FRZ

A young man sent me a screenshot of his mobile banking app containing top
Nigerian Pentecostal churches and I can't hide my disappointment. These
churches want to make payment of tithe so effortless that you don't 
even need to attend service to pay your tithe. Does this mean that tithe
is more important than service? Can't they wait till Sunday to collect 
tithe? How come no Catholic Church, no Jehovah's Witness, Anglican 
Church or Mosque is there? Only the Pentecostal churches where u get 
anointed school fees, anointed cucumbers and clowns spraying the same 
money you pay as tithe at weddings and celebrations, that's if they are 
not buying private jets or building schools your children cannot afford 
to attend with it! Please which one is HIGHLIFE CHURCH again reggae 
church and hip hop church NKO??! #NaWaOh #ItsAShame #ThisIsNotWhatChristWanted



  1. Big shame DAT some of churches ave become somthin else...

  2. Gullible church goers will be paying and their GO will be flying private jets upandan.

  3. I've kuku stopped giving offering sef. I'll rather help people that really needs the money with it.

  4. Ha bu ndi ohi. Simple