Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Metamorphosis Of Iyanya

Yeah,you guessed right. It's Iyaaaaaaaanya. I got this picture from MTN Project Fame's Facebook page. It was #TBT and they put up a video of Iyanya's rehearsal with Uncle Ben and Praiz. It was fun to watch.

I did not watch the Season One of that show but from what the video showed,Iyanya sang so well then. As he is doing now.


  1. See his square forehead. Lol

  2. Iyanya...looking so well groomed. In his edition and during In house training Uncle Ben loved him too much but fought real hard to hold back his feelings.

    Same way he loved Immaculate. Iyanya boy he was very obedient and well groomed. Bet that is what is carrying him and his personality along all these years without wahala.

    Irene please is it true that he has joined BAD GANG?

    Xhlrted P