Monday, 21 November 2016

Why the Police detained me.....Bobrisky

Last week,men of the Nigeria Police Force arrested Bobrisky,the Nigerian male Barbiedoll. We were told he punched a lady because she was taking his photographs.  

Bobrisky has come out to give his own side of the story. On Snapchat he said,

"She was ‘eyeing’ me for no reason,” he began. “I can’t go and accuse her for eyeing me. [But] the next minute, she brought out her phone and she was filming me while I was making my nails and I said, ‘hello madam, don’t film me".
In his words, he said the lady cussed and described him using unkind terms.
“She said: ‘You are stupid, you are foolish, you this prostitute – what are you doing here?’,” he continued, adding that he warned her. “I said, ‘anymore insults from you, I will deal with you.’”
He kept to his promise and dealt with her.