Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Adultery:Man catches wife with her lover,kills her,then hangs himself.

Anger does a lot of destructive things to the human psyche.
A man came home,caught his wife making love with her boyfriend and he set plans in motion to kill her .
According to MasvingoMirror reports,Mr Belo hanged himself after he killed his wife Enia James (27) on the same farm last month.
It was gathered that Belo went to his in-laws' place and told his father-in-law, that he had caught his wife with another man.

After that, he allegedly killed his wife and buried her. He informed his neighbours that she eloped with her boyfriend.

Some days later,he took his neighbour Lazarous Kasvosve (16) and showed him where he buried his wife and also informed him about the incident. He then proceeded to Gabaza farm and hanged himself.



  1. Don't even know what to say. Just know he could have walked away. She wasn't worth it.


  2. I hope he didn't survive it, ruining your life over a woman this is what joblessness causes. Mtcheew