Monday, 12 December 2016

Aftermath of Uyo Church Collapse: Facebook user calls for Pastor Weeks's arrest

In view of advanced update coming from Uyo collapsed church which death toll is hitting over 200, I am of the few that Pastor Akan Week should honourably surrender himself to the Nigerian police. We are made to understand that as at 10pm Friday, construction was still going on at the church site. That's not even the problem.
Pastor Akan Week, The General Overseer of the church was rightly advised to postpone the function, but he declined bluntly, for the simple fact the foreigners and special guests who were invited are already in the country.
The most ironic of it all was that the pillar that was supporting the roof fulcrum was removed to create space for dignitaries. We equally understand that, even as at Friday, by 10pm, he was told by experts that the building might not be conducive for the strength of attendance, but his response as always was, "There's nothing God cannot do, let's move on" Now that God did not do it he should take full responsibility because that's a clear evidence that God was not in it. Trying to push the blame to Lucifer is to look for lazy man's excuse. Let me ask you, God and Lucifer who is more powerful? Of course God.

So, if God was in like there's no way that Lucifer, Satan or devil will intervene to overthrow God's wish. The fact that inspite of the tragedy that took lives Pastor Akan Week went ahead to his branch church at Abak to be ordinated will tell you that it was all about self. His selfish interest was all that matters to him.
I expect Akwa Ibom people to march out in the streets demanding that Pastor Akan Week be arrested and persecuted.
This is the only way to prevent the next religious bigotry disaster. That's why I was hammering then that Prophet TB Joshua should be arrested and prosecuted. It's very certain that in the name of faith these pastors authorized the use of inferior materials to build their churches. This isn't scriptural at all. I cannot be hard and hearse on Islamic fundamentals for killing people in the name of Allah and look the other way when pastors out of faith ignorance do same. That doesn't make me a good Christian.