Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Before you patronise Instagram boutiques,please read this.

Everywhere you turn on Instagram,you see pages advertising clothes,ready-to-wear and otherwise. Some are legit while some are set up by fraudulent people.

So,before you place that order,these factors and guidelines are great to go by before shopping via those ‘Instagram Boutiques’:

1.Look out for reviews/feedbacks; usually on the page. When customers are satisfied or otherwise, you’d catch this on the page. Fraud Instagram boutiques are usually sloppy so look out for little slips/posts on disappointments, undelivered goods etc.

2.Take cyber ‘attacks’/comments on the pages seriously. When people ‘attack’ the  brand then you should be wary, most times a fraud page keeps mute when people post unsatisfactory comments otherwise the brand responds with reasons and way out (these ones are the ones who have a brand to protect and are usually the real deal).

3. Be wary of those who want payment upfront before delivery (if there’s an option of payment on delivery, it’s a good sign. Those who request payment upfront/in full before offerings services should carefully dealt with, most times, the real ones accept a percentage then payment in full when the goods are delivered. Except where there’s absolute trust/people vouching for the brand paying in full is never a good idea before goods are delivered.

4. Be wary of sellers who won’t offer returns or replacement but want payment before delivery. Most times, Instagram brands who come up with conditions including ‘goods bought are not returnable’ not for exchanges/returns or no cash back policies are not 100% to be trusted.

5. Look out for clients that have successfully purchased from the brand and find out their experiences (Instagram is a way to do this as well). Word of mouth should form a large part of dealings with these brands. Look out for people’s Instagram (handles) who are satisfied or have had dealings with these brands to compare experiences.

6. If sending (part payment) for goods, be sure the account reflects the business/owner’s name (which you should have found a way to know) not just a random person’s name. When sending money to these brands-if need be-check out the name on the account given to credit if something seems off, it most definitely is!



  1. Only a fool pays 100percent before seeing what he or she is buying

  2. One time I ordered for slim tea online, this lady sent it to me to confirm before making payment. She sent it on a Friday and said I can send the money to her on Monday. I was so impressed I started marketing for her. Lol