Thursday, 29 December 2016

Denilson of Mark Angel/Emmanuella Comedy shows off his new ride

Denilson is the proud owner of this wonder-on-wheels. Wow.
I remember the first day i met him. That was at the Immigration Office located at the Federal Secretariat. When we exchanged pleasantries,i commended him on that comedy skit on preaching with a gun he did.
After i just blurted out,"You look so tall in your videos but not so tall in real life". Everybody laughed and i said to myself,"Welldone Irene. AYLive awaits you". I felt like an accomplished comedian there sef.

Congrats guy. You get big eyes. You no see Highlander or Corolla buy. Na this Dangote car you go buy. I hope you asked how much the parts dey cost o.