Sunday, 18 December 2016

Happy married life to my favourite Celeb,Laura Ikeji.

No engagement show made me this happy. I remember when I watched the video of Laura and Ogbonna's engagement,i was laughing and shouting wow wow wow like a military siren.
Let me tell you why I was so excited. Laura Ikeji is my favourite female celeb. She is almost on the same level with Peter Okoye to me. I am not a good Instagram user but whenever I go there,i must visit her page. I watch her videos and check out her styles. 
 Now she is getting married. Wow.
I do not know much about Ogbonna Kanu outside of the fact that he is Kanu Nwankwo kid brother, has two kids with a British lady and was Ebube Nwagbo's lover sometime ago.

I know he will make a good life partner for Lauragirl.

God bless you both and I wish you guys beautiful kids,abundant love and everything good. 

Laura,let me crave your indulgence and advise your hubby. No vex o. Ogb,marriage is for new beginnings. It is always good to leave the old behind and embrace the new. What am I saying? Nna,biko,barb that hair. The edges are complaining. 


  1. Who was that person shouting in the video though.....I'm happy for her

  2. You didn't add what the guy does for a living sha

    1. An ex footballer that didn't go far....
      His britico wife collected almost everything he had during divorce!
      Thank me now!!!