Wednesday, 21 December 2016

It is four days to Christmas

It is just some few days to Christmas. How far na?. With the present economic recession,many of us will be forced to cut our coats according to our diminishing sizes. Imagine,buying chicken for a whopping N7000. Who fawul meat epp?

When you go shopping,you will shake your head in amazement. Prices of goods have doubled or even tripled but salaries have refused to grow. Abasi mbok.

No matter what happens,no matter how small,we will celebrate Christmas.
So,how ya side?. How are you preparing? How are you coping with the sky-rocketed price of everything?.


  1. My tailor has disappointd me. He has not cut my cloth and we are travelling on friday

  2. Hmmmmm this Christmas is bad for me, I didn't buy Christmas clothes or shoes for my children for the first time and the worst part is that in school their teachers always tell them to tell their parents to buy Christmas clothes for them who does that is not proper at all cos it has made them to be disturbing me. for me I haven't gone shopping and I'm not planning on going cos kobo no dey. To crown it all this proprietor said he is not paying DEC. salary cos we closed on the 2nd oya give bouns even if is 2k no way money that is not even up to 20k, I'm just angry, sorry I didn't mean to write much before. Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. The day Will just come and go for me
    I will be here writing my seminar topic