Thursday, 15 December 2016

NIGERIA;Are we ready for a female President?

This is my simple question: Is Nigeria,with it's diverse culture,different people and languages,ready to have a female President and Commander -in-Chief?.

Let me tell you something. The failure of the Nigerian woman to move higher politically is caused by our men.Especially if the woman is married. A man you are married to will do any of these two things in your life; he eithers raises you up,lets you fly and be that proverbial wind under your wings or he clips your wings whenever you want to fly.

Politics is not a dirty game. The politicians with their dirty manoeuvres made it unsafe and unclean.
A woman belongs to the kitchen,they say. Yes,she can belong to the kitchen AND the seat of power of any nation,Nigeria inclusive. A woman can multitask very well and be good at all.

So,this brings me back to my question. Can a WOMAN be the President of Nigeria?.

Pictures are just used for illustration.


  1. Someday yes but not anytime soon ..

  2. Nigerian women can be president of Nigeria.

    There are so many of them.

    The former presidents wives, the current president wife, many former and current females ministers, many former and current state females governors and commissioners, actresses, female entertainers, females bloggers, many can be the female president of Nigeria.

    I am sincere.

    1. I concur Ifeyinwa.
      About time.
      We need Females. Tired of this vicious circle