Saturday, 3 December 2016

NNPC Estate,Port Harcourt is rotting away.

If you know the City of Port Harcourt well,you must know where NNPC Estate is located.
There is a junction on the East West Road called Tank Junction. To the right is Rumuokwurusi and to the left is Elimgbu. This Estate is located on Elimgbu side of Tank.

This large Estate is filled with many houses,most of which are unoccupied. Some people still live there illegally,so I was told.
Walking through this estate reminds you of the lack of maintenance culture in Nigerian Organizations.

The houses which are lined beautifully are in various stages of disrepair. Even with their decrepit looks,one will know in times past,these houses were beautiful pieces of art.

More pictures.....

According to a man who lives there with his family,they are living there one day at a time. No one knows when they will thrown out of their homes because they are illegal occupants. When asked if he was a staff of NNPC,he said No. When I probed further to know how he came about that accommodation,he said," Sister,you no go understand o" and refused to talk again.

So,does this Estate still belong to NNPC?If it does,why is it in this ignoble state? Moreover,shouldn't the houses be sold off before they start collapsing?

If the Estate no more belongs to NNPC,why has the buyer/buyers not done any reconstruction work there?.
These houses are falling apart and it will be a big shame if these structures are left to bow to the elements.


  1. Estates, Properties and landmarks all over Nigeria are most often left in such utter state of disrepair.

    Our maintenance culture is so, so poor. I shudder when I see/read stuff like this.