Friday, 2 December 2016

NYSC: Is this scheme still beneficial to Nigerian youths.

This is someone's child. She spent all her years in the University and was sent to Kano for NYSC. There,she died. Due to negligence .

She was buried at her yesterday at her home and the tears are still being shed.

What a painful thing to bear.
Come to think of it,is NYSC still useful to the Nigerian youth?. Stories abound of young graduates that lost their lives on the way to their various NYSC camps.A friend lost his only brother years ago and their mother has not gotten over this loss.

What stops the corp members from serving in their states of origin?. Some of them were killed years back during elections.

Do you think NYSC should be scrapped?


  1. May her soul rest in peace..
    God console her loved ones..

  2. NYSC is loved by all bcos you earn for one yr there.

  3. May her gentle soul rest in peace.. So so sad... I think it shld b scrapped jor, too many unfortunate incidences happen to some of D's corpers while serving