Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Revealed: The kissing couple in that viral video are married to each other

Some days ago,a video went viral. In the video,a man and woman were kissing passionately. People believed that the man is a senator from Zamfara who was manhandling a "constituent" who came visiting. 

After much investigation,the truth has come out. The man isa Sokoto man. The kissing couple are married to each other. They were just expressing their love.

So,my question is: who released that video?
What made the lady record their kissing game?
What's the publicity stunt for?
Is this a case of hidden camera?

If you watch the video,you will notice the lady was looking into the camera at some point. Is this a case of romantic show-off to her co-wives?. Time will tell.


  1. She leaked that video. Maybe she is the newest wife and she needs to make a tsunami

  2. Peace MensahDecember 14, 2016

    Where's the video?