Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Thick lady twerks and rolls her body in a Benin club.

At first glance at this picture,many things dey run through your mind
>Who is this aunty?
>What the heck is she putting on?
>Wey the nyash?
>See her thunder thighs.
>Does she not have a mirror at home?
>Ewwwww.Stretch marks o
> Orobo etc

But on second thoughts,you say,
>She is human.
>Na her body Na
>She has the right to have fun
> She may have all she wants and more
>Who am I to judge etc.

The racy snap which was taken inside Club Joker located in Benin city, the Edo state capital, shows a lady with massive backside twerking and entertaining the guys who were seen filming and taking photos of her natural endowment.