Sunday, 11 December 2016

Warning; More churches may collapse if......

In church today,my eyes were glued to the ceiling. No,the Sermon was not about the ceiling or even rapture but i was trying to check if our roof can cave in one day.
I was a bit disturbed

My question is: Why do churches cave in in this clime? Not long ago,the Synagogue Church suffered the same fate. The difference here is that this church in Uyo looks like it was under construction. The number of those metal monstrosity baffle me too. Was that place a Warehouse or what?

See the heavy duty metals.

Many died. Many got hurt.The Governor and others were lucky to have escaped with their lives. Investigation has been ordered into the immediate and remote causes of that terrible event. Any person found guilty of cutting corners in the building of that ill-fated house should be prosecuted. Failure to do this means many MOg will build their churches with substandard materials,get people killed and still move around in their convoys.

I have only one thing to say;Please ,Your Excellency Sir,do not interfere in this investigation. Please.


  1. If the governor had died,they would have been serious

  2. This is so sad

  3. Peace MensahDecember 12, 2016

    Wicked pastor