Saturday, 3 December 2016

What recession. Ini Edo slays in 200k+ shoes.

Nollywood star Ini Edo is not suffering from the harsh bite from the recession. Not at all
Ini was spotted in this pretty £550 sandals recently.

Nice footwear. I love it. #badbellemodeactivated,
Ermmm,Ini,do you know how many bags of rice you are wearing on your feet?


  1. Peace MensahDecember 03, 2016

    The thing is not even fine

  2. Spend the molla.
    Bags of rice? Welllll? Yes. It expensive but if you really wanna make that Solid Statement, work your toenails and mount a Sophia Webster.

    That is the Spirit!

  3. Irene Bernards, you are talking bags of rice.

    I need money to buy plane ticket. Which £500 will cover.

  4. If Ritha or Genevieve was the one wearing the shoes,they'll make look expensive. According to my annoying small sister