Thursday, 8 December 2016

Why i fell in love with my husband......Florence Ita-Giwa

A former presidential special adviser, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, has revealed how and why she fell in love with her late husband.

While speaking on Hit FM radio programme on Wednesday in Calabar, Ita-Giwa said she fell in love and married Dele Giwa because of his Press Snaps column
She revealed that she got married to Dele Giwa just barely three weeks after first contact as a result of his intellectual brilliance.

While recounting the lovely days she spent with her late husband Dele Giwa, a former Editor-in-Chief of Newswatch magazine who was killed by a letter bomb on October 19, 1986, Ita-Giwa said that she followed him to his house on request on the first day that they met to know how he wrote his column.

She said, “I became attracted to journalism because of my mother and the likes of Peter Enahoro, Sam Amuka and others. My mother worked for West African Pilot and later Guardian before she joined Sketch where she retired.

“I stumbled into Dele Giwa because I liked his column. I did marry him eventually not because he was handsome, but what he had upstairs in his brain. When I met him coincidentally, I just told him that I have been reading his columns which I found entertaining and intellectually challenging.

“On that particular day, he looked at his time (watch) and said he was going to do his column, he requested if I follow him go to his house to see how he prepared his column, I agreed. I agreed. We drove from Surulere to Ikeja because I was curious.

“When we got to his house, he went to his study and brought out one old typewriter and sat on the table with a glass of water and cognac and started typing straight from his head without looking at any material.

“He did this up till about 3am the next morning, I was so amazed. I called my mum that early morning through his telephone (landline) to inform her that I was with Dele Giwa and that he was typing his column from his head.

“From that day, we never parted until we got engaged three weeks after. He was a beautiful and intellectually rich human being that had so much in his head. He was very fearless and prolific writer and I was always scared for his life.”


  1. Woooow nice one

    although I am lol @ typing from his head

  2. Calabar woman and Chidi Mokeme 's boo then.

  3. How odd that I never knew she was Dele Giwa's wife.


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