Sunday, 25 December 2016

Young lady stripped naked and disgraced for stealing chicken

This young lady was allegedly caught yesterday stealing a fowl and was given the embarrassment of her life for committing the said offence.
According to Obong who shared the story,the incident took place in Ekparakwa in Cross  Rivers State.

Below is what he shared:
'Its so sad for me to post this but I have no choice than to post it for others to learn from it.
"For some of us travelling home this Christmas time I know things are hard and the cost of chicken is so expensive but please instead of stealing it you better beg the owner for it. Or better still eat from your neighbour.
"This young girl is from my neighboring community, she has been coming to my community to steal chicken in one poultry farm where the owner of the farm does not use to sleep there, and the owner knowing that his chicken has been missing decided to be sleeping in his farm.
"Unfortunately for the girl this time she was caught and couldn't run away again as she use to.

"Today is Christmas Eve hoping to fry the chicken tomorrow Christmas"

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The act of stripping suspects naked is becoming more rampant. The relevnt authorities should act immeadiately please.


  1. Chai... Epic disgrace..

  2. Too bad.
    Disgrace of life.
    And the internet never forget.