Sunday, 22 January 2017

British sniper kills three ISIS members with one bullet

A British sniper in Iraq killed three ISIS terrorists with one bullet in what has been described as a shot in a million.
The SAS marksman fired one bullet that killed two men instantly before it ricocheted into a third during a November mission in a remote northern Iraqi village.
The sniper fired his single .338 Lapua Magnum bullet from a L115A sniper rifle from a range of 1,800m just as the senior ISIS members prepared to fire shots into a crowd of women and children.

A source disclosed that the shooting happened during a covert SAS intelligence gathering as the troops monitored Islamic State-controlled areas while Iraqi forces advanced toward Mosul.
The SAS squad was tracking the IS members when dozens of women and children tried to flee from the extremists.

When the terrorists ordered the civilians to stop and pointed a machine gun at the crowd from a second-storey window, the SAS team decided they had no choice but to open fire and save the fleeing group.
The sniper, whose rifle was fitted with a suppressor to reduce noise, fired his once-in-a-lifetime shot.

The bullet first struck the man holding the machine gun in the head then hit a second terrorist in the chest. It passed through his body, ricocheted off a wall and hit a third man - who was in the same room - in the neck.
The source said the 'shot was one in a million' and added that he didn't believe it was planned.
'Alongside the sniper was an SAS spotter, who was watching the target through binoculars,' he said. 'The whole incident was over in a flash.'

The third man lasted for about 30 seconds before dying, while the others were killed instantly .

The operatives went to where the IS members lay to check if they were dead,took their fingerprints,took photographs of the scene,then left by helicopter.


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