Sunday, 8 January 2017

Domestic Violence ; Man kills pregnant wife

A lady wrote about her friend who died on Christmas day from injuries  she sustained from the husband's assault

The issue of domestic violence is like a cancer in our society. Men beat their wives and even boast about it to whosoever cares to listen.
To the parents of victims of domestic violence,please do not tell her to go back to her husband's house. She ran to you. Listen to her
2. To our religious leaders/Mentors.. Listen to her cries and if she says she wishes to stay away from her violent partner for sometime,do not advice her on the contrary. 
3. To the Police... If a battered wife runs to you,listen to her do not tell her to "go and settle the gbege for house". She needs your help.
4. To the assaulted Wife: His pleas will not stop him from hitting you again. Take a stand and stay alive.

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  1. Rip and may God kill that wicked man