Monday, 9 January 2017

"I am not a witch,i am their mother". A heartbreaking story of a grandmother.

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Keep your hanky nearby as you read this story titled,WITCH.

When i was younger, my grandparents needed a little lad to come stay with them seeing that all their children are grown and no longer stayed with them. So i was sent to go stay with them in Onitsha.

Not more than four months after, my grandpa died and i was left with only my grandma. My grandma is a very strong and hard working woman who never jokes with her business. Infact, she leaves the house almost every day as early as 7AM or at most 8AM and wouldn't return till 6:30PM leaving me alone at home. Because of this, i learnt quite a number of things at a very young age. I learnt to cook, wash my clothes, tidy the house and many other house chores.

Now it happened that my great grandma was still alive at that time but was very sick with diabetes, rheumatism, HPB and a few other sicknesses. At a point, it became necessary that she should leave the village to one of her children's house as she couldn't take care of herself any longer. One of her children-her son (should be my grand uncle abi) who was also living in Onitsha took her to his house and that was when the trouble started.

The relationship between my great grandma and her daughter inlaw (her son's wife) was that of the cat and the dog. Every new day was a dawn of a new trouble as there was always a fight waiting in the rays of the sun. At a point, even her grandchildren ganged up with their mother against her ~she was shown the practical meaning of pepper~ They called her a lot of names but one name stood out; 'witch'. This went on for sometime untill it became apparent that there was no way she could survive in that house. My grandma inconsiderate of a very busy schedule decided to take her in.
The day we went to carry great grandma, my grand uncle's children told me a lot of things that got me very scared.
"Mama is a witch ooo. Be very careful the way you deal with her. She will just suck your blood for nothing".
Mehn..... I was so scared that i couldn't even stand looking at mama in the face. But as time went by, i began to see that there was nothing to fear - she was just an old woman who was looking for love.

At that time, it was my job to bathe her, wash her clothes, cook and sometimes feed her, make sure her room was always clean and odour free (she was diabetic and couldn't control her pee. So i was always on standby to clean the room whenever she peed on the floor) Soon, we started growing fond of ourselves till we became best of friends. Our bond was very strong such that she preferred telling me things to telling my grand mum - her daughter.
We talked a lot, we shared secrets, we sang together, we danced together, we told ourselves stories, we laughed together.... etc
One evening, after i had served her dinner, we sat and talked for a very long time. Our discussion later broke into songs and then laughter and more laughter. Suddenly, she stopped laughing and became moody. I noticed tears were gathered in her eyes so i asked; "Mama ogini?" - "Mama what is it?"
She held my hands and said...
"My son, I am not a witch, i am their mother".
I did not understand the depth of that line at that time but i cried- i cried because she was crying- i cried because my spirit told me to cry.

Today, I was watching a religious channel on television where a 'man of God' was dishing out prophecies and casting out demons.
I watched as he prophesied to a man
" your mother is the 'witch' behind your life predicaments".
I couldn't hold back the tears as they flowed freely again...
"I am not a witch, i am their mother".

Credit...Ugochukwu Boyant Nnadozie on Facebook.


  1. I read till the end.My wife will never treat my wife badly. I will not take it

  2. This particular woman may not be a witch but there are bad moms out there, so many of them you would be shocked to hear their stories. May God help us all

  3. This is so sad to me because my grandmother suffered in the hand of my senior bro wife. She was always hungry and lived in the boys quarter. I used to cook for her and bath her. My bro wife nanny used to give her food too. My granny is dead now

  4. so sad
    That is why I normal tell people to take care of their parents don't allow your brother's wife to do it, let the person's daughter do it cos the bond is between child and parents and not with daughters in-law. I will not even allow my brothers' wife to take care of my parents in their old age.

  5. I go to Mfm, they emphasize spiritual warfare and all but even they don't like it when wives maltreat their mothers in law on the grounds that they are witches.
    If your mother in law is a witch, you pray about it is what they tell all those wives who ask for advice.
    They don't encourage them at all.