Thursday, 12 January 2017

Know what your skin reacts to before getting your tatoos done

This is what happened to a lady's hand after she got the henna done.
Gosh. This takes me back to the first time my big brother used a shaving cream. His face got so swollen that he was rushed to the Specialist HospitalI have my own issue too. I do not use all these antiseptic liquid to bathe. If i do,i will itch and itch till i have rashes on my skin. I thought i was buying the imitation and i had to go straight to a major distributor to buy. I still itched. I was adviced to stop using themLet me ask you. What do you react to?. Apart from chloroquine that itches soomeone in ass. Lol


  1. I react to groundnuts . I keep on farting till forever and the smell is not here