Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ladies: These are the signs that a guy wants to date you

1. If he makes an effort to be around you,then he really wants to be around you.

2. He seems to be staring at you a lot.

3. He often compliments you; having something nice to say about your look, the clothes you have on, etc

4. He calls and texts you. [He is most likely thinking about you all the time,that's why he texts or calls,right?)

5.He tries to make friends with your friends. [If he is making real effort to hang out with the girls you are always with, that could be his way of reaching out]

6. He always tries very hard to ignore you. [and fails woefully most times]

7. His friends are always super psyched whenever the two of you are together. [He talks about you almost all the time]

8. He wants to be in selfies and pictures with you.

9. He agrees to do almost anything you suggest.
She might also want to be in the same selfies and pictures as you
10. He doesn’t talk about other girls around you.

11. He’s made it clear that he is single and asks you if you are, too.

12. He blatantly flirts with you. [Since you have decided not to do anything.]