Saturday, 14 January 2017

OMG.Another Kenyan lovers get stuck after s*x

Two months after a similar occurrence happened in Kenya, another married woman and her lover got stuck in bed after her husband had consulted a witch-doctor for a charm.

According to Tuko News, the adulterous couple from Kisii region of Kenya were recently nabbed at a hotel, where they were committing the act.
In the video below, they were carried on the back of a pick-up truck and taken around town where residents could hear them crying in pains.

My take: What is gumming them na?.


  1. It is just sex.
    You spend hours at it; you go monkey-cobra door-window style on it; you take 3ice daily like its on the menu; you do it with a new improved "equipment" each time; whatever, wherever, whoever and however... IT IS JUST SEX!

    Don't make it larger than life. Period.

  2. What lies in the Kenyan pussy?