Saturday, 7 January 2017

Saturday Fitness Corner ;Robbie Jones

This is Robbie Jones,the guy that played the billionaire bad boy,Harley,in the Tyler Perry film,Temptation; Diary of A Marriage Counsellor. He is simply put ,BUFF.

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This rock hard abs is not gotten by drinking endless bottles of beer with the boys and eating all kinds of junk. It is gotten through hard gyming and a good lifestyle.

Guys,ladies love guys with good bodies. Exercise,aim for that great body and guess what..It is achievable.


  1. Waawu. I am sweating with lust

  2. I love my men dark,tall,sexy and muscular

  3. Lol @ drinking endless bottles of beer... Hahahahaha

    Choi, look at a man

  4. I had to fan myself. The guy is hawttttt