Sunday, 1 January 2017

Seven tips on how to become a better you in 2017

We are all humans which means we have all fallen short of the glory of God and our fellow humans. Not to worry,the flaws can be corrected.

Here are 7 tips that will help you in 2017.

1. Stop procrastinating
Virtually everyone is guilty of this, irrespective of age group. Procrastination is a deep grave where destinies are buried.

In 2017, be more assertive and prompt with whatever decision you make.
You plan to take fitness classes? Go for it. You want to learn how to drive? Don’t procrastinate. Do it.

2. Get off social media… live a little
Smartphones, gadgets, social media and the internet control the world’s attention and Nigeria is no exception

In the coming year, look for other hobbies/interests that would help develop your skills.

Away from social media, you can use your free time to add value to yourself in many ways.

3. Be positive; compliment yourself
Compliment yourself occasionally for the great things you do rather than constantly worrying about your shortcomings.

See the good in yourself, have a sense of purpose and keep your dreams alive; and above all, do a daily evaluation of your life.

4. Stop using ‘busy’ to ignore everyone
In the coming year, no matter how busy you may be, create time for your loved ones. Don’t let your job take their place; they would always be there when the job is no more.

In 2017, reply their text messages and pick up their calls.

5. Don’t compare yourself with others

Life is in phases and where you are at the moment was once experienced by others, so, don’t compare your life with theirs.

Focus on yourself, believe in your potentials and don’t hate on anyone’s pace.

6. Don’t overwork yourself

Money must be made but that doesn’t mean you have to overstretch yourself all the time.

Try your best to find a balance between work and life.

7. You aren’t always right

Take corrections in love in 2017. They’ll take you far.
When you’re corrected, heed to corrections and accept responsibility for your actions.

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  1. I love all 7 tips. I add a personal 8th: Be more grateful for every gift.

  2. Great tips but you didn't include tips on how to beat hunger in order to be a better you.

  3. Great tips.. Wld try to not over work myslf sha.. Also live healthy,stay healthy.. Have more time for your creator...