Monday, 16 January 2017

So sweet. Footballer proposes to his girlfriend after scoring a great goal.

Ashton Surber is one very romantic football player. In a match,he scored a bicycle kick againdt his opponent and went on to propose to his girlfriend just seconds later.
Surber ran towards the crowd and took off his shirt to reveal a ‘Marry me?’ T-shirt underneath, after scoring his impressive goal.

Surber was shown a yellow card by the referee for taking his shirt off.
However, the footballer was undeterred – continuing to get down on one knee before blowing a kiss at his girlfriend. The lady accepted.



  1. This is what women love. Show

  2. He has mesmerized the lady into acceptance. Wish him more goals to be scored in his life.

  3. Sweet.Love is sweet..
    Congrats to both.