Sunday, 22 January 2017

Other s*x videos by Miss Anambra and her cohorts found

This information was released by the leader of a group on Facebook called DPA. Read on please.

The report reaching me now from our operatives in the field is that we are now in possession of the following videos:
(1) The full video of Chidinma, Ada and Jane. This was the video that was edited for the purpose of removing Jane before uploading it on the internet. The full video, which is now in the possession of our men, show the three girls in the, uncut and unedited.
(2) Another sex video showing Jane and another girl that is neither Chidinma nor Ada.
(3) Another video showing Jane and a man.
These videos are troubling. As a responsible group, we are not interested in uploading these videos to the internet. But we will
display enough just to show we have them. We are rather interested in justice. We were shocked last two years when a nude video of some trafficked girls in Dubai surfaced
We broke that story and revealed those behind the video. As the Chidinma Okeke sex video broke last year, the same impulse was ignited, and we set to unravel what happened in Anambra State beauty pageantry, and to expose those involved. Just as we got some justice to the Dubai girls, we shall get justice for the Anambra girls.
Some people have warned me of the dangers of my involvement in this matter. Specifically, I was warned that Anambra State, unfortunately, has some elements in it that are extremely dangerous and deadly. I know that and I am prepared for that. One thing I have always said is that I am not afraid. Before I make any move, I calculate it 100 times. We have taken every precaution that is necessary. Any attack on me or on my operatives will explode so much trouble on the attackers, it will be too big for them to contain.
Again, I am interested only in one thing and one thing alone. That is justice for the oppressed. When you think you are too powerful and that you can do as you please and to hurt and destroy others as you like, you must be out of your mind. We now have in this country a movement known as DPA. And DPA is backed up fully by certain forces unknown to most, within and beyond the bothers of this country. Those forces are poised to be unleashed on anybody that undermines the law in order to stop us.
Emeka Ugwuonye, Esquire.
NOTE: We have the best inventive team in Africa.
The Due Process Advocates (DPA)

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