Saturday, 14 January 2017

The "real" owner of the controversial blog Naijagistlive speaks.

We were told that the Matharoo sisters own that "spilling tea" blog,not so?. But someone has come out to write something on Instagram about the resurrection of the blog

Please read it here
If you thought NGL was gone, you pulled a fast one on yourself bih. I noticed, the ones who were mysteriously happy thinking that NGL was gone are those who feel threatened by the truth and pure evidence of it. To all my NGL fans, when the new site is up and running (please be very patient, security is key): I will clearly state in every article that no TRUTHS shall be taken down for whatever reason. So when you communicate with random emails asking to take down a truth, just know it’s not NGL and be advised NOT to pay money to anybody at all. (Name withheld for legal reasons), take notes! Stop cheating around with hoes and there won’t be hoes trying to extort from you in the name of MY website. Okay? somebody please @him or send this to his email.”

In another post, the person wrote:
“So many things have happened in the past week and I’ve come to realize how big of a joke the Nigerian legal system is.
“Arresting innocent or not-so-innocent people, having them admit to something they don’t own, sign stupid papers and/or release scripted apologies under DURESS just to appeal to your ego shows how SICK some criminals (and Nigerian police) are.
“Truly, people unassociated to my NGL brand might have created accounts/ emails and clone websites in an attempt to use MY website(s) to defraud others, in which case, after proper, I repeat: PROPER investigation, they can be detained and tried to the law. First I was baudex, then SDK, then the Matharoos. Joke joke joke!
“As for the #NaijaGistLive brand, it remains one to truthfully expose criminals. The brand can never die. Not even the bigoted (name withheld for legal reasons)can stop it.”

My take; Na wa o. Errrm,i heard that there are more than 200 nude pictures of Nigerian men of "class" in the Matharoo girls' laptop. They have quietly left Nigeria but there are suspicions that they may still have these nude pictures in their possession. Naija men,why?


  1. The Matharo sisters do not own that blog Nigerians no dey hear something!