Saturday, 4 February 2017

Okafor's Law : The lure back to where it all started.

I heard of Okafor's Law some years ago and I did not know what that meant.
I forgot all about till SDK. A blog visitor there made a comment and mentioned Okafor's Law,I replied and asked what it meant. She told me. According to her,
this statement applies to guys mostly. if you have been involved in a relationship with a girl for over a period of time and you did a great job, in and out of the bedroom(mostly in), the belief is that you can always go to the girl at any given time and sleep with the girl no matter what situation arises (break ups, different lovers etc).

This is not always true though people do believe it is. I have my skeptical belief in the rule of "Okafor':s Law". It works for some people while it does not work for some. It is that simple.

What do you think? Do you believe that Okafor"s Law works?


  1. Is okafor's law not a movie?

    1. What gave name to the movie is the concept.

  2. I met my ex and something happened m she also wants me again.

  3. Well l know someone it always works for. It depends on both parties involved