Saturday, 4 February 2017

Shun Poverty ;Give yourself a treat.....Olu Mabel

I read this piece from my friend,Mabel and I wish to share it because this happens to most of us,Irene inclusive.
Sometimes,when you are served your plate of food,you say, "Chai,this is one ot of soup and stew o. I dey craze to send this kinda cash here. Please,read it below from the intelligent author

When you give yourself an occasional treat, and something keeps telling you, "You could have invested with this money" "Shey you know this money could cook three pots of soup?" "You could have saved this money, you know?" etc...
It's not the voice of wisdom, it's the voice of poverty.😂😂😂
You only live once. An occasional treat will not make you poor. Go shopping, go see a movie, spend the weekend in a hotel and be served, go to the spa, do what makes you relax.
Learn to spoil yourself sometimes. Life is too short.
Spoil yourself today! 😁😁

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  1. I give myself a good time and I don't care