Saturday, 4 February 2017

Update on the lady who was assaulted by an Army Officer in Port Harcourt.

Ebere Ohakwe is her name and she is still on her sickbed as a result of the violent attack on her by an Army Officer.

The DPA has waded into the matter and the leader of the group,Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye has this to say.......

As the leader DPA and as her counsel, we have the duty to give you updates on the condition of Ebere Ohakwe, the lady that was brutalized by Nigerian soldiers in Port Harcourt a few days ago.

The frequency of the updates has increased from once a day to two or more times a day. This narrowing of intervals between the updates is due to our assessment of Ebere's conditions.
From the picture in display, one can easily notice that Ebere suffered massive internal bleeding (hematoma) in her left leg due to the blows from the iron rod which she received from the soldier.

She has been in intense pain and considerable uncertainties. Though a very brave and strong woman, she remains in critical condition with great deal of uncertainties. As at the last time I spoke with her, which was 9:30pm this night, she remained weak and under heavy pain killers.
Due to the soldiers' interference and delays in her getting treatment, the internal bleeding was not attended to in good time. But the massive loss of blood was probably responsible for the fact that she slumped when she arrived at the gate of the military barracks to lodge a complaint.

As previously reported, when she got to the gate of the military base, she met five military personnel guarding the gate. She was limping badly. She informed that she wanted to make a complaint against a soldier. Instead of allowing her in, those soldiers insisted that she should tell them what complaint she had. When she finished telling them what happened, rather than take her to where she could lodge a complaint, the solider called the solider that attacked her.

They kept her at the gate while waiting for the Olamilekan (the attacker) to come. It took about 25 minutes before Olamilekan arrived at the gate. By then Ebere had slumped, exhausted, bleeding internally and in great deal of pain.

Again, rather than do what was proper, those soldiers decided to cover up for Olamilekan. There are two medical clinics within the barracks. Rather than take her to any of the two clinics, they took her to a clinic across the street and pretended it was a clinic that belonged to the military. When they took Ebere there, the soldiers went in alone to brief the doctor. The doctor finally saw Ebere and noticed that her blood pressure had dropped drastically.

He stabilized her and was able to refer to downward trend in blood pressure.

I gave you that background in order for you to have a comprehensive view of what has happened this woman. And in case things get worse for her, the world needs to know how one Nigerian soldier, supported by some other soldiers, killed an innocent woman they didn't even know. What is most shocking about this incident is its extreme randomness. Ebere did not know this solider. The soldier did not know her.

For a soldier to see a total stranger and attacked her so viciously just because she looked beautiful, this country must prepare for the worst. This is the challenge the military leaders must have to confront squarely.

I urge our members and the public at large to pray for Ebere and to have her in your thoughts this weekend. Let us pray that she will make it, and that her conditions will respond to treatment.

Thank you.

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  1. That leg looks bad and he should be jailed for it