Thursday, 2 February 2017

Wife of Lagos socialite dies after s*x romp with young boyfriend.

The wife of a Lagos State socialite, identified only as Josephine, has died after sex romps with her boyfriend in a guesthouse in Lagos state.
The victim had gone to the guesthouse with her boyfriend, Augustine Dunkwu last Tuesday around 2.30pm.
They were said to have drunk different brands of beer after which they went into a room and after 45 minutes of marathon sex, the woman fainted.

When efforts to resuscitate her reportedly failed, the suspect allegedly dressed up and left the guesthouse.
The receptionist, who became suspicious that Dunkwu left without his partner, was said to have quickly dashed into the room and saw that the woman was unconscious.
The worker raised an alarm, and the suspect was chased, apprehended and handed over to policemen
Josephine’s corpse was subsequently deposited in a morgue.
A source in the area said Josephine was the wife of a socialite, whom he refused to name.
He said, “They both had drinks in the guesthouse before going into the room where they had sex. It is possible that the man used drug or the woman was not strong enough to withstand the sex. She passed on during the romp.”


  1. Original goblin

  2. Ò etu osi gò nemé, we luè n'umu uwa ewe mali na: IT IS JUST!

    It will continue to happen like this until we realize: It is just sex. No more. No less.