Friday, 24 March 2017

Fifteen ways to know a SugarMummy.

This is a fun post.

Let me give you ways of knowing a sugar mummy.

1. She likes them younger. Ten,twenty or thirty years younger and packed with energy.
2. She believes in looking good.
3. She dresses like a teenager sometimes. Afterall,if she cannot bring back the hands of time,her dressing could and should.

4. She knows the best joints and hotels in town.

5. She is a terribly jealous being,who does not like sharing,her toyboy or her other toyboy.
6. A budding sugarmum is discreet but a confirmed and well known sugarmama flaunts her toys. Her boytoys

7. A sugarmummy can spend millions at a sitting without batting an eyelid.
8. Yeah,a real sugarmummy is rich in all currencies,whether hers or her husband's/sugardaddy's.

8. Sugarmummies buy cars and properties for their favourite guys. The more energetic you become,the higher and better she pays you.

9. She gives you good advice on how to treat your female partners,be it your wife or girlfriend.
10. A sugarmummy does not disturb you with marriage talks. She is already married to a rich,"lazy man" who is the real owner of that money she is doling out to you.

11. Her playlist includes "Daddy Yo" and some other great songs.

12. Sugarmummies are found everywhere. Churches,offices,markets,buses,airplanes,anywhere.
13. She is neat and spends fortunes on sweet smelling perfumes.

14. A real sugarM knows that her boytoy meets with younger women,so for her to measure up or even look better physically than her rivals,she invests in V- tightners,cellulite creams,shea butter,lemon etc.

15. Lastly,a real sugarM knows her to toast a target verbally and non verbally. A wink,a smile and a pout can do the tricks.

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