Thursday, 30 March 2017

Meet Arinze Stanley,Nigerian's realism artist

Arinze Stanley is young Nigerian artist whose works often leave people amazed because his works look like high-definition black and white photographs. In reality,he draws with pencils.

Arinze comes from a family that owns a paper company . According to him,he used to pick up paper from the company's floor whenever he was bored and with a pencil,he drew. That was how

Arinze's amazing journey in the art world started.


He delved into hyper realism in 2012, and became a professional artist a year later. He has never taken any professional art classes.
He said..

I’ve got a slogan I work with and that’s ‘Practice, Patience, and Persistence’,” Arinze Stanley . “They have actually guided me throughout the years and still guiding me till now. Constant practice, I think, made me better at what I do but It would not have been possible without persistence and patience, as I take over 200 hours to complete a drawing and I only have time to work during the night due to my busy schedule at work during the day.”