Thursday, 23 March 2017

Meet bold Nigerian lesbian couples who flaunt their union.

Her name is Prince and she is the one in braids. The lady in shorts is the love of her life. Confusing?. Dont be. They are love birds and are not hiding it and by extension,not scared of going to jail for it. Who fourteen years epp?.

More pictures o.....

Lol. Original tomboy

Cough mixture? Hmmm

If you noticed,there is this Da'dinky Darlony she tagged ,so off i went investigating and guess what i found. More juicy gists.
See for yourself...

Darlony and bae.

Bae sitting on Darlony's laps.


  1. Forteen years loading for them soon.

  2. why do they always have one looking like a dude,confused bunch. if you wanna be with a chick please be with a real one

    1. The dude-looking one is the husband,i believe.

  3. Hia.. Husband kwa.. How and where does such occur.... This is an insult to our Creator