Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Another Apostle lands in trouble over s3x chats

An apostle has been publicly shamed after alleged sex conversation with a college student was leaked.
The apostle, identified as Trevor Mawoyo, of the Christ in Action International Ministries, Zimbabwe boasted of being great in bed as he got his moves from watching pornographic materials.
Do you watch porn movies, l bet you do coz l f**k like porn stars even better than them,” part of the chat reads.
“Man of God? l will expose you of your evil deeds, shame on you,” the student in response replies.
Shockingly, a pastor from his church, Papa Trevor, who seem to be aware of the shameful deeds, has also has a leaked chat where he is apologizing to the student on behalf of the Apostle.
When contacted for comment yesterday by H-Metro, Apostle’s phone was answered by Pastor Trevor who said Mawoyo travelled, but he confirmed the messages to be true.

However he said the Whatsapp messages were not sentby Apostle but someone else who stole his phone.
Yes we heard something like that, but Apostle’s phone was stolen some time ago so someone sent those messages to tarnish his image,” he said before hanging up.

Pastor Trevor phoned the publication 30 minutes later pretending to be evasive.
We use three different mobile numbers together and Apostle’s one is not on Whatsapp. Its people who want to destroy his ministry who are sending those messages, but they will not prevail.
“On Facebook there were six fake accounts in his name with people sending nude stuff and explicit messages of which we have since managed to close four so far.
“Otherpeople are also alleging that Apostle is a Satanist due to his miracles, they claim he got juju from Mozambique of which he has never stepped his foot in that country,” said Pastor Trevor.

Source: H-Metro

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