Monday, 3 April 2017

Big Brother does not rig votes.... Charles Novia

The final five of the #BBNaija are Bisola,DebbieRise,Efe,Marvis and TBoss. Bally was evicted last night

Many people are of the opinion that the votes were rigged. Nollywood Producer and director,Charles Novia thinks otherwise
He wrote..
From the comments one reads on this BBN votes, you will understand why some Nigerians are a bit dense and why social myopia is something we have to deal with in this country.
..Some people on social media are spreading stories (typical of sad losers) that the votes are being rigged in favour of a particular contestant. You read the most silly conspiracy theories that a faceless Big Brother loves TBoss and has preferences. You read the most asinine conjecture.

I was a judge in the second edition of Amstel Malta Box Office in 2006 and I got to see how a reality show works, especially with viewers voting.
First, no corporate brand would involve itself with any scandalous thing especially when it has to do with Public Trust. If you sceptics think everything in Nigeria is rigged when it doesn't conform to your expectations, then you have to emancipate your mind more than you know.
Do you know how credible and big a company like PriceWaterHouse Coopers is? The worldwide accounting brand which tallies the votes? Do you guys think that they are there to manipulate votes for anyone?
It's YOUR votes and how you mobilise your votes which counts. This is not your typical Nigerian election. This is as credible a process as it comes.
Whoever wins at the end of the day, would have won by the sheer number of votes from the public.
When you hear that 2 State Governors are mobilising votes for their citizens from Kogi and Rivers State, do you think it's a coincidence that those you expected to leave the house are still there? It's the number of votes and nothing else.
It's even possible that this last week, the person you expect to win might not be the final winner! It's all going down this week.
No one is manipulating votes.
Just thought I should give my two cents.

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