Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Facebook celebrity alledged drug overdose: Suicide attempt or what

Remember Tochukwu Ebeh,the guy who celebrated his mother as she marked thirty years in the food business? Well,he is in the news again for scary reasons. Read on

Tochukwu Christopher Ebeh
6hrs ago

My name is genesis christopher
My brother tochukwu was found unconscious at his apartment towards the midnight when neighbours found his door stil wildly open at that time which is usual of him like they say.
He was rushed to a nearby hospital and I was called to come down there.
My brother is being checked by a doctor on duty till now.
The Neighbours said he took something and they don't know what it is.
I am waiting on the door.
That is all I can say for now

I found this on Tochukwu Bright Ebeh's wall on Facebook. This piece was allegedly written by his brother. People have gotten across to Genesis and he said Tochukwu overdosed on Typhoid medication.  Doctors have also flushed Tochukwu"s stomach and he is responding to treatment, he concluded
Now, the question is? What really happened? Was the drug overdose a deliberate attempt at suicide or an unintentional mistake? Some people claimed Tochukwu's posts of the last days reeked of depression. Get well soon and stay strong.


  1. This is serious but I still wonder why people try to kill themselves

    1. It has not established that the drug overdose is deliberate

  2. Youths are really depressed cos of situation of the country